Memory: Baby Fergie at the Seattle Center

Memory: Baby Fergie at the Seattle Center

Some of my earliest memories from my time with you Fergie was when we walked the grounds of the Seattle Center, and you swam in the fountain pool. We took many pictures there, when you were a baby, and for my book cover, and for workshops, etc.

It was clear to me from the very beginning that your life before me had been lived in isolation. You had almost no experience with the outside world, and I pictured you formerly living in an apartment complex in the suburbs, where the most excitement you had that day was sniffing the grass outside your front door.

So the big, wide world of lower Queen Anne and the Seattle Center was a whole new world for you. Some of it was scary, and some was fun, but in time you learned what a garbage can was, a traffic cone, a stroller, fountain, garbage trucks, etc. Ultimately you came to absolutely love our outings around our hood. 

Some of the best memories are from there, and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you for allowing me to share the amazing world with you, both in Seattle and far beyond. 

April 2016. You were just nine months old here.
The fountain where you loved to swim. I can’t believe we never got in trouble for it!
You were so cute as a puppy that people used to stop me on the street to ask me what kind of dog you were. 🙂
Like most dogs, you hated being hugged, and even though I knew that, I couldn’t help myself because I loved you soooo much I just wanted to squeeze you. You were always very tolerant, and I never held you for long.
With your grandpa Larry, one of your favorite people in the world.

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