Memory: San Clemente with auntie Michelle May 2017

Memory: San Clemente with auntie Michelle May 2017

Dear Fergie. One of your favorite things in life was when your family and friends came to visit us. In May 2017 auntie Michelle came to visit and the three of us drove up to San Clemente, to one of our favorite places- Linda Lane Park. Michelle and I brought a picnic, and I packed a bunch of treats, toys and water for you. We sat on our picnic blanket for what felt like hours, eating, drinking, soaking in the sunshine and ocean breeze, and just enjoying each other’s company.

There was a little girl, a toddler, in the group next to us, and she kept walking over to you and throwing pieces of bread at you, like she was trying to feed ducks. It was so cute and funny, and thankfully you weren’t interested in the bread.

You laid in the grass and tilted your smiling face up to the sun, smelling all of the wonderful smells that wafted up the hill from the beach and the rest of the park. You also did your characteristic back roll in the grass, which always told me you were blissfully happy.

After we left the park we drove down the hill and parked next to the pier, and Michelle and I got out and took pictures of everything, including you with your adorable face looking out the back window.

Looking back on it now, that was one of the best days of my life. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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