Memory: Gasworks Park Seattle 2016 road trip

Memory: Gasworks Park Seattle 2016 road trip

Dear Fergie. In October 2016 you and I made our annual fall road trip from San Diego up to Seattle. During the trip we visited one of our old stomping grounds: Gasworks Park. It felt so weird to be back after several years of not living there, having gone on our 8 month road trip, then moving to San Francisco, then on to San Diego. Everything had changed in our lives. Literally everything. I felt a mix of nostalgia, longing and relief. Nostalgia at the life we left behind, and relief that we could return home to San Diego where it would be sunny and warm for the remainder of the fall. You and I were always freezing in Seattle.

So we walked through the park, and I watched you watch the rowing team with curiosity and confusion, and pose in front of the metal tanks I had photographed so many other dogs in front of before.

On our way to the car I noticed a pile of brightly colored heart shaped leaves. It was the perfect way to end our visit to Gasworks Park.

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