Memory: Trips to the vet = love and happiness

Memory: Trips to the vet = love and happiness

Dear Fergie. I know I don’t have to ask you if you remember going to the vet’s offices so many times in your last 18 months, because I’m sure you do. Do you also remember that all of the years leading up to that point you were almost never sick? Aside from the occasional UTI, I would take you in once a year, and you’d check out as being totally healthy.  In fact, the first vet I ever saw with you said “she’s perfect!”. He apparently was very pleased with my choice of shelter mutt. 

Maybe it was because of those many years of pleasant doctor’s appointments that you came to love vets, vet techs and all the staff at the many vets we visited in all of the different places we lived.

Your all-time favorite was Amici Animal Hospital in Little Italy in San Diego, and when we pulled into the parking lot you would do your chewbacca whine/howl, and then pull me up the stairs to get inside. Even when you were in your final year of life and had troubles walking, you’d still try so hard to run up the stairs. It was adorable. You loved everyone there so much, and I know they will miss having you come to visit.

You spoiled me so much with how good you were at vets, and I can’t imagine ever having another dog who is good at vets as you were. I can hope though!

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