Memory: sleeping covered, Seattle cold and California warmth

Memory: sleeping covered, Seattle cold and California warmth

Dear Fergie. Often when I think back to the time we lived in Seattle (for over nine years), I miss that time and think that maybe it was a mistake for us to leave. We had such a good life in most of the places we lived, and life in California was much harder for both of us on many levels. 

But I notice something while looking through all of my Seattle photos of you, and that’s the fact that, when you were sleeping, you were almost always covered with a blanket. 

Whenever you were cold, you’d curl up into a tight little ball, and that was my cue to gently tuck a blanket in around you to help you stay warm. You’d sleep under the covers with me every night, spooning until we fell asleep. 

After we moved to San Diego, the sleeping under the covers and blankets abruptly stopped, and I realized it was because you were finally warm! Not only were you warm, but so was I! We were both so easily chilled, and it was easy for me to forget how damn cold we both were in Seattle eight months out of the year. FOR YEARS!

After we moved to San Diego we were both finally warm. You got to lay outside in the sunshine whenever you wanted, and I stopped avoiding taking you for walks because of the cold and rain. 

So although life was harder in California, and some of my saddest memories of you are from the the last few years of your life here dealing with old age and sickness, I’m still so happy you got to retire here. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for you to go through your illnesses and pain being cold all the time, and I’m SO happy you got to avoid that and live in the land of sunshine. 

I hope it’s nice and warm where you are at. Because I plan on joining you there one day. Save me a spot, ok?

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