Memory: kitty cats

Memory: kitty cats

Dear Fergie. One of the things I loved so much about you was the fact that you were so gentle with other animals.

I could always trust you with cats, bunnies, goats, horses, etc. But especially cats. According to the shelter intake paperwork I was given when I adopted you, you spent the first six months of your life living with a kitty, which explained to me why you loved them so much.

Do you remember cuddling with Charlie at our house in San Diego? Or the time Samantha cornered you in the bathroom at Michelle and Larry’s place? Or the times you’d nap with the cats we lived with in San Francisco? Or when you were so confused by being nuzzled by the grey cat on our walk?

You were so good, and so patient. I hope my next dog is as gentle with other animals as you were. 

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