Memory: San Francisco path to Spreckles Lake

Memory: San Francisco path to Spreckles Lake

Dear Fergie. We lived in San Francisco for just a brief moment- just a little over seven months. But one thing we did almost every day when we were there was walk in Golden Gate Park.

I had dreamed of living in San Francisco since I was young, and I always had a vision of living across the street from the park, so it’s kind of amazing that that’s how it worked out. There was no dog in my vision, but having you made the experience so much richer.

We would carefully cross the busy street and then navigate our way through the frisbee golf zone, trying not to get hit by flying frisbees, and then down the little serene pine needle-covered path to Spreckles Lake. You would alternate between sniffing everything in sight, and walking as fast as you possibly could. I remember you always stopped at the last green park bench before returning to the trail, for what felt like an eternity, and I was always trying to hurry you along from that spot. What was it about that one bench?

I could tell you were slowing down, because you were ten years old then, and your arthritis had fully set in all over your body. So the walk home would be slow, and the further we went, the slower the return. But you were still so excited to get out every day and explore that amazing world-class park. 

I don’t know if you ever felt this, but there was a lot of sadness for me in seeing what had happened to the city that was, for many years, my favorite city in the U.S. It hurt me to see the changes, and so many times I’d return home from being out and just feel so depressed. Walking with you in Golden Gate Park was my one respite. I’d go to escape, but most of all, to be with you.

Thank you for sharing all of those precious moments with me in Golden Gate Park.

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