Memory: your very very favorite thing: foot licking

Memory: your very very favorite thing: foot licking

Dear Fergie. This memory comes in multiples, because it was one thing you did many many times throughout your life. It was your undying love of licking feet. Ha!!

I wished we could have talked in the same language, because I wanted to ask you so many times what the appeal was. You loved it so much it bordered on obsession.

I remember one time I had a wealthy client come to our tiny apartment to look at art proofs I had designed for her, and she was wearing a pair of very pretty open-toed sandals, and as soon as she sat down you went straight for her toes. I was mortified but she just laughed.

And what was it about dad and Michelle’s feet? You always preferred those over mine. Every time we drove up to Seattle to visit Michelle and Larry, you’d practically beg Michelle to take her shoes and socks off so you could lay on the floor in front of her and lick her feet for an hour. It always made us laugh so hard. 

I miss your foot licking, and our family gatherings will never be the same without it. I love you forever my little foot licker.

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