Memory: Morley Field, our new favorite place

Memory: Morley Field, our new favorite place

Dear Fergie. When we first visited San Diego, our favorite place was in the western side of Balboa Park, but after we moved there, it shifted to the east side of the park.

Do you remember all of the walks we took at Morley Field? I vividly remember every part of that walk, and even people and dogs we passed while making big circles around the ball fields. I used to look out over the bay to Coronado Bridge, and I had to pinch myself that you and I were living in my favorite city in the U.S. We ended up here together. And you were happy and loving it, just as much as I was.

So many times I took you to Morley Field you’d take off running in front of me, even though your arthritis hurt so much, and you couldn’t run for long. You were just so happy to be out sniffing and exploring. For your entire life, you wanted to sniff all the things and explore all the places.

I would give anything to go back to those moments, but one thing I am grateful for is that I never took them for granted. You were so precious to me, and spending time with you was truly the highlight of my life. Thank you for all of those walks in our new favorite place. I will never forget them for as long as I live.

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