About Dear Fergie

About Dear Fergie

This blog is a memorial for my beloved late dog Fergie, who passed on August 20th, 2018 from IBD-related complications. She was 13 years old, and we spent 12 years and 6 months together having a pretty epic life. A life that created countless amazing memories.

Fergie was the mascot for my photography business for 12+ years (and ended up with fans around the world), my road trip buddy (we traveled by car to 55+ cities around the U.S.), my emotional support animal, my best friend and constant companion. She was my heart dog. My soulmate in canine form. I loved her with every fiber of my being. 

When she died she took a big piece of my heart with her. I miss her more than I could ever put into words. 

For the last year of her life I had multiple daily ‘Fergie care’ reminders set on my iPhone, to remind myself to give her medications, cook her food, feed her meals, etc. After she died I couldn’t bring myself to delete the entire category ‘Fergie’, so instead I decided to create a new daily reminder. At 10:45pm every night I now have a ‘remembrance moment’, where I am to ‘think of one happy memory’. I sit in a quiet place and let the memory come to me.

On this blog I share those memories, and other stories about our life together. 

This blog is one big love letter to my beautiful girl with the huge spirit and heart-melting smile.

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